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Cette page vous permet d'afficher des nouvelles créées dans NATS par le propriétaire du programme. Ces articles peuvent comprendre de nouveaux développements, des annonces, des informations remarquables pour votre compte d'affilié ou tout ce que le propriétaire du programme choisit. Utilisez la section Dernières Nouvelles sur le côté gauche pour sélectionner un élément des nouvelles à lire, l'article complet de nouvelles sera alors affiché sur la droite, ainsi que la date à laquelle elle a été postée dans le module Afficher Nouvelles .

PuppyCash Nouvelles

New Adtools - août 16, 2017
You asked, we got to work!

TGP's and HVG's are now available in PuppyCash! Check them out Today!
New Site in Construction - BoardwalkBar.com - juin 6, 2017
We are currently working on adding a new site for you to promote, but it is not ready yet. We had to turn the site on to get everything ready and that is why it is appearing in your linkcodes. We... Continuer...
Badpuppy Announces our Spring Affiliate Promotion - avril 1, 2017
We are proud to announce our "SPRING AFFILIATE PROMOTION"! You don't have to contact us to enroll or jump through any special hoops. All you have to do is send new memberships.

... Continuer...
Brand New RSS Feeds! - septembre 30, 2016
We have added 4 New RSS Feeds for you to use in Adtools. Go to Adtools/Content/Feeds to start using these today! Let Jeremy know if you have any questions or if you need help using these Feeds.... Continuer...
PuppyCash is on Twitter - septembre 1, 2015
PuppyCash is now on Twitter. Follow us @puppycashpays today!
PayPal Option - juillet 20, 2015
PayPal is now a payment option for Affiliates. You can change your payment method in your Account Details.
Spoof email - juillet 15, 2014
Please do not open any emails from: administration@badpuppy.com. No one on our team has that email address. It is believed that this is a virus, so we are asking you to avoid opening any emails... Continuer...
Whitelist our Emails - juillet 14, 2014
To make sure you are receiving our Affiliate Newsletters, we are asking all Affiliates to whitelist our emails. We are working on sorting out a few issues with our email system, and this is one... Continuer...
BadPuppy is now LIVE on NATS - avril 22, 2014
We are proud to announce that we are live on nats now.

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